• "I would absolutely recommend Allegra as a coach. She's been great to work with on many levels.


    She has a calm, warm, friendly, compassionate and authentic nature which enabled me to feel instantly relaxed and comfortable. Through her support, encouragement, action-oriented approach and use of some fun and clever tools and techniques, she's helped me to achieve some immediate personal goals and is helping me to construct the building blocks for my bigger goals.


    I love her intuitive side and it’s obvious she is a well educated, intelligent lady with excellent business knowledge so I feel she could help coach anyone who is stuck in any area of their life to move forward positively and productively."

    Carolyn Austin, Experienced Marketing Manager, Creator of Websites and Individual Furnishings

    "I think you are not only an amazing person but a great professional, as you really helped guide me towards what I really wanted to do.


    I am now creating international environments focusing on the working spaces, and even better than that, working with people.


    I am doing what l love, I work with international education scholarships, helping students to study abroad and to get opportunities that will improve their lives and that they wouldn't have otherwise.


    I am full of motivation, a motivation I didn't know I had.


    SO thank you, Allegra. Thank you very much indeed. It is your birthday, but I got the present."

    Antonio Fontell, International Relations Manager at Cambra de Comerç Brasil-Catalunya​

    "Allegra in three adjectives: compassionate, thoughtful and interested. She is one of those people few of us are fortunate enough to come across in our lives.


    Allegra has the ability to step into your shoes when she has to, and look and understand the world from your perspective. She doesn't base her advice on generalist theory, rather takes each individual for who they are - unique human beings.


    Taking their history, troubles, achievements, highs and lows, Allegra applies an incredible perceptiveness to guide her clients on the road to where they want to be.


    A strong woman with strong opinions and self-belief make her a brilliant coach, and I would recommend anyone, no matter where you are from, to open up to her."

    David, Sales Director

    I am glad, I had the opportunity to work with you - even if it was only for an hour.


    I didn’t expect much from that hour, but yet you managed in that short period of time to help me figure out some things about me that aren’t going the way they should and thus keep me from being who I am or what I could be – at work and in private. And you showed me how to become that person again, that got lost somewhere in the past few years.


    Thanks for your encouragement, your tips and homework to help me refocus and rebalance.

    Nicole Hansemann, Senior Copywriter, BrawandRieken, Hamburg

    "Working with Allegra in coaching sessions allowed me to access different areas of myself and bring them out. I was able to talk about things I have never previously shared-not even with myself-around my dreams and wishes. It allowed me to focus and take first steps towards making them happen. It was truly a new exciting experience to be able to do this.


    Having previously engaged in personal therapy I can now really see what a unique value coaching approach can bring. It gave me an expanded sense of myself and what I can do."

    Jana, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

    "Allegra has coached me through numerous life situations, most notably the decision to walk from a job and move cities without a job to go to. She helped me to understand what was important in the situation, both in terms of my fears and my plans - and the “payoff”.


    What stands out most to me is her instinctive understanding of people - I can honestly say that I know of no-one else who has the level of empathy with people that she possesses. This gives her such insight into people that I have no hesitation in recommending her services as a coach!"

    Chris Day - Fidessa Training Manager, London

    "A powerful experience!! Thank you! A lot of reflections and much processing! And it genuinely surprised me how well the group feeling was developed to an ‘intimate’ state.’’

    Chris, Senior Training Manager - on Into Me See Workshop

    "Very well planned - professional from start to end"

    Nisha, Programme Manager, Channel 4 - on Into-Me-See Workshop

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