• Offering relationship, connection and change.

    If you are looking at this site then I imagine that you have got to a point in your life where you want change to happen!


    There are many different ways of working through things: you're unique and everyone responds differently to different ways of working.


    Success is, in my experience, largely due to the relationships that you have, which is why it is so important to find the right person for you.


    I am an experienced coach, psychotherapeutic counsellor and facilitator who works in a holistic and integrated way, drawing on all strands of my training, ranging from embodied practice and movement to action-oriented tools and strategies and mindfulness techniques.

    Whatever avenue you choose, I will support you and offer gentle challenge, but will always allow you to be fully who you are, with whatever you bring. You'll know what's right for you and we'll explore the subject until we find that point of resonance for you - and then work to develop and grow that in you.

    We're always in motion and my belief is that, while we can feel sometimes blocked, there is always more to us than just these responses. To acknowledge them and honour them and then explore what else is here, is a way through the stuck-ness and into movement and change.

    I work in Crystal Palace and Hove, Brighton and am also available for Skype or phone sessions should meeting in person not be possible. I would initially invite you to a 30-minute meeting so that we may connect and I might understand what you want work on. After which, if we are happy to move forward, we can agree a time and place for our weekly sessions.

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