• I believe we are one system - and we do not live independently of each other and the environment we're in.

    I believe in human aesthetics - and that we, at all times, can strive to walk in beauty.

    I believe in - and seek to cultivate - a holistic way of life.

    I believe we cannot live in harmony when aspects of our lives are continually being ignored.

    I believe in integration of all parts of ourselves as the only path to balance.

    I believe that the personal and the business worlds are not divorced.


    I believe that embracing a holistic approach to relationships, family, work, business, nature and ourselves, is the only way to lead a healthy and happy life.

    I believe that healthy boundaries (including those created by anger) are necessary to self-support and self-care.

    I believe we are a creative, complex and infinitely changing system meeting a huge, complex and infinitely changing environment.

    I believe that context is king.

    I believe fulfilling your personal, self-selected potential is possible.

    I believe that our core values are what guide us to do what is appropriate for us, at that time.


    I believe our foundations are what define our core values.

    I believe vulnerability and leadership are not mutually exclusive.

    I believe change is possible.

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