• I'm a Mental Health and Transformational Coach, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Supervisor and Facilitator, with over 20 years' experience in the field of self development and personal growth.


    I have an extensive background working on large corporate change programmes and in self development. I've been a management consultant in Financial Services since 2005, working across several, large-scale, multi-million pound programmes. I have also worked as a therapist and facilitator with One in Four - a charity that supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse and violence - creating positive and lasting change in clients whose story has negatively impacted their lives since childhood. And I have run hugely successful transformational workshops focussing on understanding and developing connection in relationships.


    I sing and write and have a profound love for theatre, festivals, music, friendships and immersive experiences. I am a perpetual student, always looking to develop my understanding of human behaviour, the human heart, our body, drives and desires, what delights and excites us - what moves us and what gets us stuck.


    I started my training as a therapist at Metanoia Institute in Counselling Psychology - but soon realised I wanted to work in a more holistic way, with more movement and a focus on how we can embody our feelings and beliefs. This is how I found Gestalt and this eventually led me to CTI and the Co-Active model - which has many similarities to the Gestalt practice and approach. I had decided to explore coaching, hoping to support the more outward focussed and goal- and task-oriented work - which isn't so much of a focus in therapy (unless you work with a CBT practitioner). Given I find myself to always be working towards something, setting myself goals and driving towards some outcome or another, so it made sense to me to develop this into a recognised skill-set. I then found the two approaches really complemented each other: they are both challenging, they both use movement and the body to create awareness and shift perspectives and they are both extremely creative. So for me it was a perfect match.


    Ultimately, I believe we are all connected and allowing ourselves to get still within ourselves and lean into others really does allow us to expand and grow in ways we never believed possible. I am passionate about creating an awareness of this interconnectedness through my work and serving humanity with fire and an open heart.


    I work with people from all walks of life, corporations, teams and leadership to help foster and grow healthy communication and relationships - because I believe that it is through our ability to connect that we find our peace - and our success - in things.

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