• How I work

    Whichever approach you choose, I use the principles below as foundations for the work.
    The difference will be in the depth and the direction of travel.


    Firstly, we set the foundations for the work, by getting really clear about what you want and agreeing on how we are going to help you achieve it.


    In coaching, this is where we design your programme by crystallising the vision you have for your outcome and getting really clear about what needs to happen - no matter what.


    In therapy, we will identify key themes and issues you want to work on and keep those as our target as we develop the work.

    Raising awareness

    Awareness is the foundation for change. Once we acknowledge and accept what is true for us, NOW, change happens.


    I work EXPLICITLY with any judgements and assumptions we both may have about the work, where you want to and who you want to be - and we clear them.


    Once we have cleared, we set an intention for the arc of our journey.


    Intentions help to focus the mind and our energies on a particular outcome - consciously and unconsciously driving us towards the desired result.


    Sometimes (often) we need to bypass the mind to get to the message underneath. And we so often forget that our body is our access point. Movement of any kind creates change in perspective and what comes from this shift will usually be completely personal and absolutely true for you.


    We can use anything from visualisation, daily practice, embodied process, movement and/or experiential exercises.

    Checking in

    A vital part of any healthy relationship is the ability to check in, listen and be listened to.


    To make sure we stay on track with both our relationship and our designed alliance, we'll be checking in regularly on how we are doing and clearing any assumptions that may have crept up on us. Checking in is a great way to avoid putting words in each other's mouth, assuming we know what's going on and jumping to conclusions.


    Knowing what we want and how to ask for it, knowing when to say yes, or no and how to stick to our guns when we feel pressured to do otherwise.


    Listening to our inner voice, learning to acknowledge it and learning from what it has to tell us is part of the work. And then we can make truly conscious choices.

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