• Bespoke events

    Into Me See - More Than Just Team Building...

    Bespoke immersive, experiential and transformational events for your organisation.

    When a team or group of people deeply connect to one another, they can operate as one, their forces are multiplied and they serve a greater cause. The power of connection is what makes a difference in this world.


    Reboost the energy levels and team-spirit in your workplace by taking the time to learn and apply the principles of embodied relationships.


    What you will get:

    • A fun and fully immersive creative space that supports co-creation, trust and connection
    • Personal and collective insight, discussion and learning through movement and connection exercises
    • Awareness of personal and collective dynamics
    • Practical tools to facilitate connection, effective communication and conflict resolution.

    Into Me See: More Than Just Dinner...

    An immersive, experiential and transformational dining experience.

    An evening of food, intimacy and connection. Through experiential learning exercises and tools - and the experience of sharing a meal in an immersive space especially crafted for you - you will deepen your ability to connect and truly know those around you.


    It doesn't have to be with a partner - and it's definitely not about sex. It's about truly meeting another human being.


    By the end of the evening you will have eaten wonderful, sumptuous, sensuous food and you will have gained the knowledge and tools you need to fully experience this new way of being in relationship with another person. These are skills you can apply anywhere and with anyone - and in so doing, you will begin to see everyone around you as a resource and a source of connection.*


    The applications for this learning are boundless - from family to friendship, to the stranger on the street - you will be able to truly see them and know yourself through them.


    *Due to the nature of the event there will be no alcohol served and we would ask you not to drink before you come so as not to impact your experience or learning.

  • "A powerful experience!! Thank you! A lot of reflections and much processing! And it genuinely surprised me how well the group feeling was developed to an ‘intimate’ state.’’

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